Critical Hit

Critical Hit - Feature Film in Development

Tagline: Love, with vengeance.

Logline: It’s open season on best friends Sarah and Jeanette when they head into the woods with a group of close knit activists, only to cross paths with a band of brutal killers.

Synopsis: Having bonded over past hardships and their love of animals, best friends Sarah and Jeanette join up with a close-knit group of hunt saboteurs and head into the woods. Hunting season is about to start, and their goal is to keep animals from harm. However, they soon cross paths with a menacing band of hunters that have their sights set on more than deer. Before they know it, Sarah and Jeanette find themselves locked in what the creeps call their ‘snuff box’ – named for the types of films the indiscriminate killers make in the off-season. Though Sarah and Jeanette have vowed to do no harm, their ethics are put to the test as they’re forced to fight for survival.

Critical Hit is created by comic creator Matt Miner and the Screenplay by Shad Clark.

Treatment and Look book available upon request.

Script in development looking for financing.

Rights – Black Mask Studio. IP Matt Miner.

Director / Producer
Horror / Slasher / Animal rights